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S-Stratus-11 vCPU1GB16 GB SAS1CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu$5/moORDER NOW
S-Stratus-21 vCPU2GB32 GB SAS1CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu$9/moORDER NOW
S-Cumulus2 vCPU4GB64 GB SAS1CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu$24/moORDER NOW
S-Altos4 vCPU6GB100 GB SAS1CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu$36/moORDER NOW
S-Nimbos8 vCPU16GB240 GB SAS1CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu$96/moORDER NOW
S-Cirrus-112 vCPU32GB440 GB SAS1CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu$199/moORDER NOW
S-Cirrus-224 vCPU128GB900 GB SAS1CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu$483/moORDER NOW
A-Stratus-11 vCPU1GB16 GB SSD1CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu$5/moORDER NOW
A-Stratus-21 vCPU2GB32 GB SSD1CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu$11/moORDER NOW
A-Cumulus2 vCPU4GB64 GB SSD1CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu$27/moORDER NOW
A-Altos4 vCPU6GB100 GB SSD1CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu$40/moORDER NOW
A-Nimbos8 vCPU16GB240 GB SSD1CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu$107/moORDER NOW
A-Cirrus-112 vCPU32GB440 GB SSD1CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu$220/moORDER NOW
A-Cirrus-224 vCPU128GB900 GB SSD1CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu$536/moORDER NOW

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We keep 7 offsite backups of your account from 7 consecutive days to guarantee no data will ever be lost.

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