Start Building & Reselling IndiCloud Servers

The IndiCloud Partner Network reseller program enables a white lebel cloud services for your organization to offer cloud computing services to your clients without the large capital expenses associated with building and maintaining your own infrastructure.

Partners First – The best partner programs in the cloud

Partners First! Join IndiCloud’s Partner Network and make profit reselling cloud services like Hosted Exchange, cloud servers, Cloud Sites, Cloud VPS, Real Cloud and more.

How to Start?

Setup Your Business


Create Your own Plans


Add Customers!

Whether you are starting your own business or adding a new service to your existing company, our reseller program is a perfect match!

  • Sell to an Unlimited Number of Customers
  • Secure Storage with IndiCloud
  • Create new Accounts Instantly
  • Create your own Custom Plans
  • Brand Everything
  • Instant Activation, start now!

For you, the Reseller Partner

  • Add New Users
  • Sell Any Plan
  • Manage Users
  • Customise Packages
  • Brand Everything
  • Set your prices
Make our product yours!

As a Reseller you can choose the level of branding that suits you. From our default branding, to adding your own logos or a completely custom product.

If you have an issue with your bill or you have an unrecognised charge from us, please don’t hesitate to phone our billing team.

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We've kept our pricing plans simple

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White Labels

Offer the benefits of the cloud via IndiCloud APIs to your clients without investing in your own infrastructure.

Volume Discounts

Our generous tiered discount structure, allows you to pass savings on to your customers.

Global Reach

Data centres and additional network points of presence around the world provide a global footprint to call your own.

Extreme Support. If you need us, we are always here.

Build on the same infrastructure that allows IndiCloud to return billions of traffic to your hosted sites or apps over hours. 24/7/365 access to level 3 engineers by phone, email or livechat.

Live Chat

Respond our grantees and partners, youth, fight against.

Support Tickets

We’re on your issues the moment you submit ticket.

24X7 Call Center

Customers are like promises — we keep them both.

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